Visitor Testimonials

“I came because I am from the Iona Superfoods brand looking to source some products for product development. And also just to get a feel of what the trends are like in the market right now. The exhibition was good overall. In terms of the variety of countries of origins and types of products that are here, they are pretty decent. I have found a decent amount of market Information, and I’ve seen a couple of research companies as well.”

"We have gained so much useful information from the event, especially industry trends and updates."

"Wide range of up to date and innovative solutions for meeting current and future requirements of nutritional trends.”

"The expo is helpful both in food, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industry as we are made aware of trends and current activities on the said industry in other countries as well. Meeting potential partners is also a great help to companies seeking for opportunities to bring on their market.”

"Products displayed matches with market trend.”

"The shows provided us with what is new in the markets. A lot of foreign participants. It saved us a lot of time to look for products.”

"This exhibition proved more exciting compared to last year. Attending the event gave me a much better understanding of the current industry trends. There is diversity in the products showcased in the event, with themes ranging from probiotics, extracts, blends, and other novel nutraceuticals - all of which are very interesting and useful for those involved in the food/nutrition field like myself.”

"Good coverage of exhibitors from various parts of the world.”

"Lots of great exhibitors and lots of great products. Well organized.”

"This is one of the leading Industry-focus expo & conferences.”

"The highlight of the conference was the high intensity of the exhibition and state of the art innovation in food industry.”

"The talks on first-day are very good (Brandive Jeff, the new concept of AI machine learning based advertising strategy by Dave, and Anika Nafis (Mintel) were very good.”

"We came across lot of innovative ingredients, combinations, conference was very good with very good speakers.”

"The wide range of exhibitors coupled with keynotes from industry leaders make it a very enriching and informative event.”

"The only and the biggest one this kind in Asia.”