Visitor testimonials

Read what our 2016 visitors have to say

“It’s my first visit and I’m absolutely blown away by the whole experience. Being in R&D, I’m very interested in the technological and learning aspects, and I’ve seen many interesting products on the show floor. The content offered by Vitafoods Asia is very good and applicable to my work. I wish the show could be longer so that I can really take my time to explore the exhibitors’ offerings and listen to all the talks and presentations.”

“My business is in beauty and health products, so I came in order to get up close to the trends of industry and to look for ideas for my products. Frankly, having been to many similar type shows in the region, I do believe that this is one of the best! It’s not the largest, but is one of the best in terms of quality and content, for sure.”

“I’ve been to the last five editions of Vitafoods Asia, and have also attended a few other Vitafoods events in Europe and South America in the past. I find that the show has been very beneficial for our business. This year, I’m on the lookout for European private label manufacturers, so the new sectors are really helpful for me to zoom in on the right companies. The relocation of VFA to Singapore in 2017 is also a welcome change for me as the Southeast Asian market – including Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines – is really big for us.”

“Being here at Vitafoods Asia allows us to have a better idea of the market requirements, and also enables us to get inspiration for our new product launch that is taking place next year.”

“We run a skin, spa and slimming business, and are here to look for retail products, as well as attend the Conference. It’s our first time here and we’ve found a few potential suppliers already. We’re looking forward to visiting the show in Singapore and also plan to attend SupplySide in Las Vegas this year.”

“Our company produces food solutions for lifestyle diseases and we attended the Global Market Theatre for the regulatory overview on Singapore by EAS Strategies. I visited Vitafoods Asia a few times in the past. My main objective for this trip is to see what other companies in the industry are doing, and to see what’s new in the market.”

“I heard about Vitafoods Asia through our contacts at the China Healthcare Association. We’ve not attended before because we usually pay more attention to the US market. The exhibitor presentations that we’ve heard so far have been informative. Being part of the Hosted Buyer Programme has definitely helped us to learn more about what’s available out there.”

“Our company offers nutrition consulting services, and my colleagues were the ones who told me about Vitafoods Asia. I’m here to attend the conference, and also to look for ingredients because we’re expanding into the area of functional foods. It’s really good to see that the show is well supported by reputable service providers and associations.”

“This is my first visit to Vitafoods Asia and I’m impressed by what I’ve seen so far. There’s a lot happening on the show floor, and I find it to be an informative experience for me. We might consider coming back as an exhibiting company next year.”

“We specialise in the consumer health business and the purpose of my visit is to get a better idea of the current industry trends in the health food market, as well as the available products offered by other companies. I saw many interesting products and it’s quite an inspiring experience for me. In particular, I found the Inspiration Showcase to be a welcome feature for new visitors like myself, as it enables one to have an overview of the new and popular products available at the show. It helps that the showcase is located near the entrance so I can make more efficient use of my time, heading directly to the exhibitor booth if I’m interested to find out more about any of the products. I think more shows should include such attractions.”

“The exhibitor line-up is rather comprehensive and I saw many new and interesting products. This is my first time at Vitafoods Asia and I can see that the exhibitors are all of high quality. They are also very knowledgeable – not just about their own products and technologies, but they also showed good understanding of the industry trends and regulations within the region.”

“I’ve visited Vitafoods Europe in the past but this is my first time at Vitafoods Asia. We’re here on the lookout for new products and ingredients from the Asia market, and at the same time, to develop new business relationships with potential customers. I attended a panel discussion at the Vitafoods Asia Centre Stage earlier, and found it to be interactive and informative. It’s a good concept.”

“Our company focuses on sports nutrition and one of our products was launched in Europe to great success. We’ve just launched the same product in Asia, and I was recommended to attend Vitafoods Asia by my colleague from the Europe office. I found the show to be really specialised, which I appreciate. I managed to uncover a couple of good prospects as well.”

“I love the concept of the Tasting Bar! Through my time at Vitafoods Asia, I was educated on a lot of clinically approved ingredients and products. I came across many impressive products, and even picked up on trends in the industry from attending a few of the presentations. I will definitely return to Vitafoods Asia next year.”