Tasting Centre

See, touch and taste a wide range of the latest functional food and beverages to make informed purchasing decisions.

Visitors can explore different tastes and textures to be inspired by innovative delivery options and unique product concepts to further grow and develop their portfolio.

Tasting Centre Awards

Visitors are also invited to vote for the best tasting favourite functional food and functional beverage, to enter them into the Annual Tasting Centre Awards, at 3pm on Wednesday 6 September.



"The Tasting Bar is an excellent show feature because it gives visitors the opportunity to try some of our dietary supplements. While the efficacy of a product is key, the taste and texture might be the all-important determining factor for consumers.

Laurie LEE, Cosmax Bio


“We’re very excited to have won the Best Tasting Functional Beverage Award. Our participation in the Tasting Bar definitely helped increase the number of visitors to our booth. We’re pleased that our product was well received at the show.”

Pawan K GOEL, Chemical Resources (Chereso)