Tasting Centre

Who said you can't mix business with pleasure? Visit the Tasting Centre to indulge your palate with samples from a wide range of functional food and beverages. At Vitafoods Asia visitors are invited to see, touch and taste unique and nutritious product concepts aimed at improving health and wellbeing at different life stages. 

If you are looking to source finished products, this area is the perfect place to start. See new and innovative taste concepts and delivery options first hand. Explore top-selling products such gummy supplements, juice shots, energy bars, meal replacement bars, shakes and elixirs.

All products featured in this area are retail-ready and come from Vitafoods exhibitors at the forefront of the nutraceutical industry. Take advantage of this platform to make informed business decisions. 

Tasting Centre Awards 2019

Who will win? You decide! Don't forget to visit the Tasting Centre to vote for your favourite functional food or beverage. Winners will be announced at the Tasting Centre on Thursday 26th September 2019 at 2pm!.

2018 Tasting Centre Award Winners:


Best Functional Food Winner 2018
Nutribio Triple Layer Vanilla & Brownie bar

Best Functional Beverage Winner 2018
AstaReal Pte. Ltd. SoothMe


“This is my first time at Vitafoods Asia. The idea of a Tasting Centre is very fresh, and I’ve never seen something like this before. The exhibitors’ varied offerings are impressive, and it is a great chance for me to compare different products all at once.”

Kambric YIN Tsui Min, Sun Ten Pharmaceutical

"The Tasting Bar is an excellent show feature because it gives visitors the opportunity to try some of our dietary supplements. While the efficacy of a product is key, the taste and texture might be the all-important determining factor for consumers.”

Laurie LEE, Cosmax Bio