Packaging Zone

The Packaging Zone was one of our new attractions for Vitafoods Asia 2019.

Sustainability, convenience, and functionality are key elements in the design criteria for packaging innovation.

The widespread bans on single-use plastics, the implementation of China’s “National Sword” policy, and media attention around the scourge of environmental pollution have fueled anti-plastic sentiments.

In order to achieve the ambitious circular economy and sustainability goals set forth by governing bodies and businesses alike, an alliance between food manufacturers, packaging suppliers and waste management agencies is paramount to packaging design in the food and beverage industry in 2019. The anti-plastic sentiment has also pushed the development of bio-based and biodegradable packaging to the forefront of R&D. In the past five years, food and beverage launches with bio-based/biodegradable packaging have been witnessed an average annual growth of +39% (Global, 2014-2018).

The Packaging Zone provides you with the latest insights and displays of packaging technology, design, delivery and labelling systems, including one-to-one advice. This year we will have a particular focus on sustainability to help you reinvent your packaging. Visit this zone to discover the latest developments at the forefront of the packaging industry and how they impact product success.

Packaging samples: 

Rebel Kitchen Raw Coconut Water

Company: Rebel Kitchen

Country: Netherlands

Rebel Kitchen’s raw coconut water uses “disruptive” branding to differentiate itself from other coconut waters on the market. The bold packaging design is a reflection of the brand’s core essence and marketing strategy, ensuring it stands out on the shelf.

Boosted Tea Vitamin Tea: Pure Green

Company: Boosted Tea

Country: Ireland

Boosted Tea’s Vitamin Tea is packaged in a recyclable PET bottle. The label has a striking  design, featuring a unique, black and white hand-drawn design inspired by tribal art. The design lends an artistic flair to the product, guaranteed to grab the customer’s attention on the shelf. 

Mentos Pure Fresh Pure Breath Assorted Chewing Gums

Company: Perfetti Van Melle

Country: Philippines

An exclusive travelers’ edition of Mentos chewing gums with five different flavor variants – lime mint, bubble fresh, euca menthol, fresh mint and spearmint. The individual jars are made using PET and have a unique, wavy shape that makes it easy to grip. The package is manufactured specifically for sale at travel and airport retail stores.

La Cafferia Caffe Gourmet Malabar Monsonato Aa:
Monsoon Malabar Aa Gourmet Coffee

Company: Torrefazione El Miguel Srl

Country: Spain

La Cafferia’s gourmet Malabar coffee is sold in a metal tin with an easy-to-open closure. The package features a map of India indicating the source of origin of the coffee beans.

Icelandic Glacial Natuurlijk
Mineraalwater Uit Ijsland: Natural Mineral Water From Iceland

Company: Icelandic Water

Country: Belgium

Icelandic Glacial Mineral Water is packaged in a PET bottle with a unique shape. The label features a map of Iceland and illustrations of the landscape of Iceland. It was designed by Team One, an American creative design agency.