NutraIngredients-Asia Awards

The second edition of the NutraIngredients-Asia Awards rewarded true innovation, excellence and cutting-edge research in functional foods, supplements and nutrition. Owned and organised by, the Awards honoured the best and brightest in health and nutrition throughout the Asia Pacific region. The 2019 NutraIngredients-Asia Awards was held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on Tuesday 24th September 2019.

The awards which normally place the night before Vitafoods Asia is a great way to entertain clients, reward your team and network with industry colleagues.

Congratulations to the 2019 NutraIngredients-Asia Award Winners:

  • Ingredient of the Year: Sports Nutrition – EnXtra® – Enovate Biolife
  • Ingredient of the Year: Healthy Aging – Affron® EYE (Pharmactive Biotech Products)
  • Ingredient of the Year: Weight Management – SlimBiome® Medical (OptiBiotix)
  • Ingredient of the Year: Infant Nutrition – Bifidobacterium breve M-16V (Morinaga Milk Industry)
  • Probiotic Product of the Year – Angel Nutritech Yeast Probiotics Powder (Angel Yeast)
  • Botanical Product of the Year – Cognition Support (BioCeuticals)
  • Omega-3 Product of the Year – Super DHA plus Lutein (Carlson Laboratories)
  • Personalised Nutrition Initiative – Nutrigenomix Plant-Based Personalised Nutrition & Fitness Report (Nutrigenomix)
  • Start-up of the Year – Vitality Wellness (NZ)
  • Nutrition Research Project – Benefits of LipiSperse® – dispersion technology applications (Pharmako Biotechnologies/ Gencor)
  • NutraChampion – Prof Christiani Jeyakumar Henry
  • Editors Award for Functional Food Innovation – IsoWhey® Kids Complete (Blackmores)

Ingredient of the Year: Sports Nutrition

  • Adaptive™ New Zealand Blackcurrants – New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-Operative 
  • EnXtra – Enovate Biolife·        
  • Lafti L10 – Lallemand Health Solutions·        
  • Levagen+ – Pharmako Biotechnologies·        
  • Turmacin – Natural Remedies

Ingredient of the Year: Healthy Aging

  • Affron® EYE – Pharmactive Biotech Products
  • AstaMed Plus – AstaReal      
  • HydroCurc – Pharmako Biotechnologies
  • Memophenol – Activ’Inside
  • Tru Niagen – Chromadex
  • TurmiPure Gold – Naturex

Ingredient of the Year: Weight Management

  • ABG10+ – Pharmactive Biotech Products
  • Slimaluma – Gencor
  • SlimBiome Medical – OptiBiotix
  • Slimpro – Frutarom Health

Botanical Product of the Year

  • Brain Shield -Vitality Wellness (NZ)
  • Cognition Support BioCeuticals
  • Oxy-288 – Ninapharm
  • Proceive Care – Blackmores

Probiotics Product of the Year

  • Angel Nutritech Yeast Probiotics Powder – Angel Yeast
  • Astarte – HSO Health Care GmbH
  • Inne Infant Probiotic / Jarro-Dophilus Infant – Jarrow Formulas
  • UltraBiotic 60 – BioCeuticals

Personalised Nutrition Initiative

  • Personalized Nutrition – A Probiotic Approach – Aqurate Ingredients
  • Plant- based personalized nutrition & fitness report –Nutrigenomix
  • The Omega-3 Index Heart Initiative – OmegaQuant
  • Personalised Nutrition – Vitality Wellness (NZ)

Nutrition Research Project

  • Benefits of LipiSperse – dispersion technology applications – Pharmako Biotechnologies
  • Caffeine, genetics and athletic performance – Nutrigenomix
  • Psycho-biotic PS128™ – Bened Biomedical
  • SEAChange – DSM Nutritional Products Asia Pacific

Start-up Award

  • Hygiene of Sweden AB: With product Biopocket Boost with Zynamite®
  • Vitality Wellness (NZ)

Editors’ Award for Functional Foods Innovation

  • IsoWhey Kids Complete – Blackmores
  • NOT CBD – Levagen+ – Gencor
  • Kappa K2 Formulation LookBook – Kappa Bioscience
  • Nutrixin Apeel – Innovfood

Omega-3 Product of the Year

  • Elite Omega-3 Plus D & K – Carlson Laboratories 
  • John West Proetin+ Pouch Range – John WestSuper
  • DHA plus Lutein – Carlson Laboratories

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