Monteloeder Workshop


Give me more! That is the digital consumer's new mantra. Is your company ready to face the challenge? At this workshop, we will define what is customer-centric for our industry, analyse the growing importance of having a strong customer-centric strategy for the future and how can we use the latest advances in digital technology to deliver the optimal solutions to each and every individual.

Our industry is changing. Future solutions will not rely just on product efficacy. Digitalisation has opened a new path to personalized nutrition. Thanks to the new technologies, there are other factors that can now be considered to optimise your solutions: personal characteristics, product use and personal context and habits.

During our session, we will learn a methodology that helps us to digitalise and will be applied to a real case: MetabolAid©, Monteloeder’s complete digital health solution against metabolic syndrome. Product consumption and are effects integrated with consumer characteristics and habits in a unique platform that provides personal advice and support to the users. This is technology and supplementation working together to give consumers the solutions they need to maximise their results.

Does your organization have what it takes? Monteloeder's aim is to help our partners undertake this revolution. To conclude the event, we invite our guests to take part in an interactive practice. Apply all the concepts and methodologies discussed during this session to your own products with the support from our experts.

Monteloeder, a European company established 1996, believes in innovation as the way to open new frontiers in the nutraceutical industry.