Omega-3 Resource Centre

The Omega-3 Resource Centre is a focused knowledge hub covering all aspects concerning Omega-3. Access a wide range of content including research, expert advice and products from top companies within this field.

Developed in association with the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED), this zone allows visitors to discover the latest innovation and product development within Omega-3's:

  • Learn about various Omega-3 formats and sources available, and where to find them
  • Gain knowledge on how to reach Omega-3 consumers through the GOED’s available resources
  • Get advice on how to access market data on a specific Omega-3 topic that you are exploring
  • Talk to the GOED experts on how to connect with the right Omega-3 supply chain partner

Digital iPad presentations at the Omega-3 Resource Centre: 

  1. An Analysis on Omega-3 Bioavailability Claims: Bioavailability is frequently used as a marketing theme, sometimes neglecting the biochemical principles that support the accuracy of a claim. This presentation explores the claims being made about bioavailability of omega-3 products, and cover some of the regulatory and ethical challenges associated with them.
  2. Global EPA and DHA Market update: GOED develops and creates an extensive EPA and DHA Global Ingredients Market Overview report each year. This presentation is a snapshot of highlights as well as major changes and developments in the omega-3 market.
  3. Global Trends in Omega-3s: A presentation of the latest estimates on the volume of ingredients for Omega-3 products, the most relevant trends and issues influencing the market.
  4. EPA and DHA Science Update: This presentation highlights a few very recent studies & trends in EPA/DHA science development.

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