How do we run our event responsibly?

Suppliers, Venue & Stand Build

• Work with our suppliers to offer sustainable options by reusable, recycling and consolidating our freight

• 70% of the materials used for feature builds are reuseable or recyclable

• All other waste generated during the exhibition is sorted and recycled by the venue

• All shell scheme stands were lit with energy-efficient LED bulbs

• Hall lighting was operated on a schedule based around the hall opening hours.

• Use digital signage and digital guides to reduce printed materials

• Offer recycling facilities throughout the exhibition

• Water bottle refill stations provided around the show to reduce plastic waste 


• Catering is locally and regionally sourced

• Menu choices accommodated dietary requirements of all visitors. Numbers were checked to accommodate attendees and reduce waste where possible.

• Food was served with cutlery and china to reduce waste

Transport & Logistics

• Team dinners were arranged locally within walking distance to the hotel most evenings to reduce transport-related emissions. When transport was required throughout the show days, public transport and car sharing was pre-arranged to ensure the number of taxis required were minimal and reducing number of hours on the road and CO2 emissions

• Consolidation of freight and reduction of vehicles travelling to the venue

• Structures for the Tasting Centre and New Product Zone were bespoke with carpentry structures were prefabricated to minimise waste

• All vehicle deliveries booked through a vehicle management system

Best Practice

• Visitors were encouraged to leave their lanyards in bins located by the exits from the halls. Unbranded lanyards will be reused at future shows

• Exhibitor badges available to pre-print for the first year, reducing number printed onsite.

• Ensure the safety of all those onsite through implementing the highest health & safety best practice

• Offer a Sustainability Checklist at the point of stand planning to encourage re-using stands year on year

• Registration staff, a health and safely partner and floor managers were source locally in Singapore under local legislation

Find out how you can partner with us to reducing our environmental impact at Vitafoods Asia 2019