Event Press Releases

Vitafoods Asia 2017: Strategic Move to Singapore Makes Positive Impact

Vitafoods Asia, the only dedicated event for the nutraceutical, functional food and beverages, and dietary supplements in Asia, concluded its seventh edition on a high note for the first time in Singapore. 

Vitafoods Asia expands by 40% in 2018

Vitafoods Asia returns in 2018, evolving with new exhibitors including Kerry and Plantex and new learning experiences such as the Probiotic Resource Centre.

Discover the Nutraceuticals Industry at Vitafoods Asia

Vitafoods Asia is a key regional learning event centred on the latest research, development and application of nutraceuticals into functional foods and beverages; as well as the marketing, branding and regulations of such fortified products.

Helping probiotics to help you

Studies have shown that some probiotics, which are live microorganisms that confer health benefits when consumed, could relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, prevent diarrhoea caused by infections and antibiotics, reduce bone density loss and improve the digestion and absorption of food and nutrients.


2017 年 9 月 25 日– 亚洲国际营养保健食品展(Vitafoods Asia)是亚洲唯一致力于营养保健功能性食品饮料及膳食营养补充剂的展会,第七届展览首次亮相新加坡并完美谢幕。

2018亚洲国际营养保健食品展(Vitafoods Asia)规模扩大40%

亚洲国际营养保健食品展(Vitafoods Asia)2018年强势回归, Kerry、Plantex等知名企业首次亮相,更有益生菌资源中心带来全新学习体验。



Vitafoods Châu Á tăng trưởng 40% cho năm 2018

Năm 2018, Vitafoods Châu Á trở lại, phát triển cùng với các nhà triển lãm mới bao gồm Kerry và Plantex và những trải nghiệm học hỏi như Trung Tâm Nguyên Liệu Probiotic

栄養補助食品に特化したアジア唯一のイベント 「Vitafoods Asia2018」開催

2018年9月11-12日 シンガポール マリーナベイサンズ サンズ エキスポ & コンベンションセンターにて開催