Event Press Releases

Vitafoods Asia 2017: Strategic Move to Singapore Makes Positive Impact

Vitafoods Asia, the only dedicated event for the nutraceutical, functional food and beverages, and dietary
supplements in Asia, concluded its seventh edition on a high note for the first time in Singapore. 


Vitafoods Asia 2017: Meeting the Region’s Nutraceutical Needs

As the final preparations for Vitafoods Asia round off, Informa Exhibitions looks forward to welcoming trade professionals to discover, learn, and network at Asia’s only dedicated event for the nutraceutical, functional food and beverages, and dietary supplement industries. 

Vitafoods Asia 2017 Heralds a New Future of Innovation

Centred around doing business, learning, and networking, the event expects to welcome over 3,000 trade professionals through its doors, to discover the latest innovations presented by over 250 suppliers and service providers from all over the world, as well as to explore the remarkable lineup of knowledge-exchange and networking activities.

Vitafoods Asia 2017: Industry Players Optimistic of Future

The organisers reached out to exhibitors and visitors last month to get their thoughts on how the industry was doing, and some interesting insights were uncovered. A total of 102 survey responses were collected from exhibitors and visitors on Vitafoods Asia’s mailing list.

Vitafoods Asia Elevates 2017 Learning Programme

Vitafoods Asia, the only event dedicated to the nutraceutical, functional food and beverages, and dietary supplement industries in Asia, today announces the agenda for its 2017 Conference Programme. 

Vitafoods Asia relocates to Singapore for 2017

Vitafoods Asia, the world’s leading pan-Asian nutraceutical event, will be held in Singapore in 2017, it has been announced. Following extensive consultation with exhibitors and visitors, event organiser Informa Exhibitions has taken the decision to move Vitafoods Asia out of Hong Kong for the first time, in order to broaden its appeal further within the Asia Pacific region and worldwide.

Vitafoods Asia 2017 Well-Poised for Successful First Run in Singapore

Vitafoods Asia, the only event dedicated to the nutraceutical, functional food and beverages, and dietary supplement industries in Asia, announces that its next edition now in Asia’s leading food and nutrition hub – Singapore – is expected to be twice as large as before. From 5 – 6 September, the 2017 event will take place in Singapore for the first time in the Sands Expo and Convention Centre at Marina Bay Sands, and will present more of the best innovations that the industry has to offer.

Vitafoods Asia 2017: Spotlight on Finished Products

At the upcoming edition of Vitafoods Asia in Singapore, Asia Pacific’s nutraceutical industry will gather at the annual event to do business, uncover the latest product innovations, and to learn more about the market and its best practices. Amongst the 200 exhibiting companies, a wide-range of businesses will be presenting their high-quality, innovative finished products comprising dietary supplements, vitamins and functional food and beverages to the industry.


新加坡,2017 年 9 月 25 日– 亚洲国际营养保健食品展(Vitafoods Asia)是亚洲唯一致力于营养保健功能性食品饮料及膳食营养补充剂的展会,第七届展览首次亮相新加坡并完美谢幕。


2017年8月17日,新加坡—亚洲国际营养保健食品展(Vitafoods Asia)作为亚洲唯一致力于营养保健食品、功能性食品、饮料及膳食营养补充剂行业的国际专业展会,第七届盛会将于9月5-6日登陆新加坡,在滨海湾金沙会展中心举行。届时,全球3000多位贸易行家和250多家供应商和服务商将齐聚狮城,一起洽谈业务和学习交流,共同探索前沿创新和行业趋势。


新加坡,2017年8月2日 –– 亚洲国际营养保健食品展 (Vitafoods Asia) 作为亚洲唯一致力于营养保健食品、功能性食品、饮料及膳食营养补充剂行业的国际专业盛会,将于下个月亮相新加坡。活动主办方上个月就开始积极联络参展商和报名访客[1],希望了解他们对行业发展情况的看法,并收集了一些有意义的见解。


2017年6月29日,新加坡 —亚洲国际营养保健食品展(Vitafoods Asia)今日正式对外公布了2017年论坛议程。作为亚洲区营养保健食品、功能性食品和饮品、膳食营养补充剂的唯一专业展会,今年第七届亚洲国际营养保健食品展备受瞩目,将于9月5日- 6日首次登陆新加坡,在新加坡金沙会展中心举行。


亚洲国际营养保健食品展 (Vitafoods Asia) 作为亚洲唯一致力于营养保健食品、功能性食品、饮料及膳食营养补充剂行业的国际专业展会,宣布下一届展会将在亚洲领先的食品营养中心–新加坡举办,展会规模预计将是之前的两倍。2017年亚洲国际营养保健食品展将首次登陆新加坡,将于2017年9月5-6日在滨海湾金沙会展中心举行,届时将展示更多行业最佳创新。 



Vitafoods Asia 2017は、初のシンガポールでの開催となります 

2017年4月27日付シンガポール発 – Vitafoods Asia は、アジアにおける栄養補助食品、機能性表示食品と飲料、および栄養補助食品産業に特化した唯一のイベントで、アジアを代表する食品栄養ハブとなるシンガポールでの次期エディションはこれまでの2倍の規模になると予測されます。2017年9月5日から6日までマリーナベイサンズのサンズエキスポ&コンベンションセンターで開催されるシンガポール初のイベントでは、業界が提供するベストイノベーションの詳細があますところなく発表されます。