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Amano Enzyme Inc

1-2-7, Nishiki, Naka-kuNagoya460-8630Japan

From it’s inception in 1899 in Japan as a pharmaceutical business, Amano Enzyme has been a company in deep harmony with nature, and fully rooted in Japanese culture and traditional values. In 1948, this business expanded to use the process of koji fermentation (traditionally used to create soy sauce, miso, and sake) to produce specialty enzymes, beginning with Malt Diastase. As an enzyme production company we believe that biotechnology is a prime example of human intelligence acquired through the harmonized co-existence with nature. It remains one of our guiding principles even today.

At the core of biotechnology is enzymology, and the various practical applications of enzymes to enhance and contribute to society and the human living condition. It is our quest, commitment and passion to foster a spirit of giving and remain attentive and tireless in our efforts to the ever changing needs of society.

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