Exhibitor Testimonials

“We truly feel the benefit of the event and indeed had a very positive experience with the customer traffic, so we decided right on the spot and have signed up to a double-size booth for next year.”

“Vitafoods Asia provided us with the perfect event to reach out to Southeast Asian markets. The caliber of attendee at the show was just what we were looking for, with knowledgeable questions and genuine interest in our ingredients. Show staff was also very attentive, giving us world-class care from beginning until the very last minute of the show. I can't wait to see Vitafoods Asia continue to develop and become an even bigger show in the region.”

“This is the fourth time we are at Vitafoods Asia. I think this is a good year. We are finding companies that are interested in [fortified] food as well, because some of the trends are moving that way -- people want to eat healthy food, not just take pills.”

“It's been quite busy and we’ve made a lot of contact so far. The attendance is quite local. We’ve had lots of Malaysian and Singaporean, Indonesians visit, and then a few from further afield like South Korea and Australia.”

“We have already reserved a space for next year because we see it as a very good platform for us to catch up with clients, and also to get new contacts.”

“We’ve had a lot of customers visit us. We have attended show every year for many years and found the show to be really busy this year.”

“This is our first time it's been great. There's been a great amount of traffic and a great amount of interest in our products.”

“Loving Vitafoods Asia, loving Singapore, and meeting such great people! The show has been really good, very busy, and we’ve had a lot of interest. It’s been really exciting, and we are finding that Asian countries are really open to new ideas, new suggestions, and new partnerships, so it has been really exciting, really beneficial and we’ve enjoyed the show.”

“It’s been our second year as an Exhibitor at Vitafoods Asia. We are so glad to be part of it and we met leads from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines & India. The experience has been positive with high volume and quality of the guests. We have booked for the next Vitafoods and we look forward to it!”

“Medicinal mushrooms work. That’s been well known in Asia for thousands of years, and only recently in Europe. Therapists are convinced of the advantages of premium quality that are absolutely controlled and safe.” We sell to pharmacies, to companies and to therapists. We came here last year, and we found out that a lot of Asian people are interested in getting reliable, with German quality, medicinal mushrooms, and that is the reason why we are here again.”