Delegate testimonials

Read what our 2016 delegates had to say

“It’s my first time here at Vitafoods Asia, having been to a few editions of Vitafoods Europe in Geneva. I’m interested in several region-specific topics here at the Conference, but also I am keen on a number of seminars that are in the hall. It’s just too bad I can’t attend them all! I gathered some good ideas for private label products at the exhibition, and do hope to get acquainted with the companies in between Conference sessions.”

“My colleague visited Vitafoods Asia three years ago and said that it was worth attending, so I decided to attend this year. I signed up for the conference as I found the topics interesting. We do health and beauty food production for our own brand and label, and are constantly on the lookout for innovations and trends. The speakers have been very engaging, and I will likely attend the event in Singapore next year.”

“It’s my second visit to Vitafoods Asia, and I like the conference very much because of the content the delivers. The speakers provide a good overview of the major trends and innovations across the region, and I find that helpful as I’m looking not just for more information about entering China, but I’m also keen on exploring marketing options in Southeast Asia.”

“I’ve been to the show in Geneva before, but this is my first time attending Vitafoods Asia. I’m attending the conference to learn about innovations and trends for companies in New Zealand. The genomics and Omega-3 sessions in the exhibition hall were useful, though attending those meant that I had to miss some parts of the conference, which was a shame!”

“I’m attending Vitafoods Asia for the first time and I find both the exhibition and conference very interesting. I’ve attended the Geneva event and others as well, and in comparison, I find that this show has regional gems that are not seen elsewhere. I’m quite happy to have made the trip here, and to have gathered a lot of good information so far.”

“I’m attending the Vitafoods Asia Conference for the second time in order to get a good summary of industry innovations and trends. As a product developer, I’m looking specifically for relevant information that will help me plan products over the next three years.”

“I’m interested in trends and innovations within the industry that will be useful for taking Chinese products to the rest of the region and beyond. The Nestlé talk was very interesting, and there’s generally a good mix of topics at this conference to suit various audiences.”

“Our company makes snack foods as well as superfood products. This is my first time at the Vitafoods conference, and I found the topics intriguing and helpful.”

“This is my first time at the Vitafoods Asia Conference. I found out about Vitafoods Asia from an online search, and I’m attending to gather more information about regional trends. I’m also looking for more Asian suppliers and ideas and raw materials for Ajinomoto’s processed food products. I’m keen to attend the event in Singapore next year too.”

“I’m a nutrition specialist and it’s interesting to be here again at the Vitafoods Asia Conference for the second time to learn about food research and trends. I’m especially keen to pick up tips on how to reach and to communicate food benefits to consumers.”

“I received an e-mail and decided to attend Vitafoods Asia’s Conference for the first time. We are expanding our range of product offerings to health food supplements, and I’m especially keen on content around healthy aging. My colleague is attending the exhibition and said that she has met lots of manufacturers and suppliers, so we are already getting good returns from the show.”

“We’re a German company looking to sell into the China market. I came to learn more about market trends that are relevant for our sports nutrition products. I’m excited about the many topics that will be covered, and am hoping to squeeze in some time to also visit the exhibition.”

“I’m here primarily as a conference delegate but I was interested to see what the exhibition had to offer. In general, I found the exhibition to be quite good with a lot of Asia-specific content. Onsite education platforms like Centre Stage and the Global Market Theatre also make a good complement to the conference.”