Delegate List - Networking at the Conference

Here is a flavour of the delegates that attended the 2017 programme:

Job Title  Company Country
Head of Marketing  Pfizer PFE Pte Ltd Singapore 
Pharmacist Traphaco Joint Stock Company
Scientist Abbott Nutrition Singapore 
HOAP Industries India
External Innovation Director GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare  Singapore 
Clinical Nutritionist  Healthystars Singapore 
CEO iX Biopharma Ltd Singapore
Head of Marketing and Communications  Marinova Pty Ltd Australia 
Senior Executive Eu Yan Sang International Ltd Kuwait
President Bioessence Philippines 
CEO Malaysia
Purchasing Manager Royal Resources Ltd Nigeria
Corporate Vice President  United Laboratories Inc Philippines 
Businesss Development Manager R-Pharm Germany GmbH Germany
Asia Pacific Director of Science PM International Singapore 
Operations Manager  VPharma Health and Wellness Inc Philippines 
Lecturer  Republic of Polytechnic Singapore
Research Scientist  Davos Life Science Pte Ltd Singapore
Product Development Senior Executive  Best World International Ltd Singapore 
Deputy Regional Manager Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation Vietnam
Marketing Manager Blackmores  Malaysia
Director  Dexa Medica Indonesia
R&D Director  GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare  Singapore
President Kenbi Family Co Ltd Japan