Personalised nutrition: Data-driven consumer trends

Exclusive summit preview

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Thomas Hayes, Analyst, Lux Research (Singapore)

Thomas Hayes, based out of Lux Research’s Singapore office, is an Analyst on the Emerging Ecosystems in Agrifood and Health team, specializing in food and nutrition.  Before joining the Emerging Ecosystems in Agrifood and Health team, Thomas was a member of the Consulting team where he conducted project-based, deep-dive analyses for clients, largely within the food industry. Prior to joining Lux Research, Thomas was a Research Associate at Cambridge Polymer Group where he conducted materials consultation, R&D, and analytical testing for numerous clients. Thomas received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University and is a Master of Business and Science (MBS) candidate at Rutgers University, concentrating in Global Food Technology & Innovation.

Speaker Q&A

Which takeaway of your presentation are you most excited to share with our delegates?

That although there is certainly improvement that can be made in advancing the fundamental science that supports personalized nutrition, especially around the microbiome, the crucial barrier to growth is on the business model front. Companies will have to find ways to remove cost off the consumer, perhaps through reimbursable programs via employers or insurers, to gain adoption by the masses. This requires the formation of an ecosystem, rather than driven by a single entity.

What are the biggest trends you are foreseeing within your summit?

A shift in product value proposition from optimization to prevention. In other words, instead of targeting people who are already “fit” and want to be “fitter,” addressing those that are at-risk of disease. Healthcare costs are becoming unsustainable and nutritional interventions need to play a role in keeping disease at bay. This is particularly important in APAC given the rise of the “superaging” demographic.   

Summit Preview

How the interplay among nutrition, microbiomeand disease will shift the healthcare paradigm

“Rising healthcare costs are simply unsustainable. I’m excitedto speak about how personalised nutrition, particularly as itrelates to the microbiome, will play a role in shifting thehealthcare paradigm from reactive to proactive.”

Thomas Hayes, provides a preview to his session - New opportunities: Discovering how the interplay among nutrition, and microbiome and disease will shift the healthcare paradigm.


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