Mental wellbeing: Ingredients and opportunities

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David Foreman, President, Herbal Pharmacist Media (US)

David Foreman is a pharmacist, author and media personality known to consumers internationally as, The Herbal Pharmacist. His background in both pharmacy and natural medicine put Foreman in an elite class of health experts who can teach integrative medicine practices. Foreman is also a formulator, U.S. patent holder, science-engineer and consults for numerous global companies helping to bridge the gap between science and sales. Foreman is a graduate of the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy, currently serves on Organic & Natural Health Association’s Scientific Advisory Board and is author of, Pillars of Health: Heart Disease.



Speaker Q&A

Which takeaway of your presentation are you most excited to share with our delegates?

Mental Wellbeing is a large, yet untapped market. The key approach to formulating products that fit consumers needs involves more than one ingredient with science. Learning to combine multiple ingredients that work on the many possible root causes of mental unhealthiness is critical to achieve the best results.

What are the biggest trends you are foreseeing within your summit?

The biggest trends from this summit will be in the areas of understanding the vastness of the mental health category and how the industry is poised to make a large and positive impact on consumer health and wellbeing. We will see a shift from proprietary blends to products with therapeutic doses and using unique delivery systems to achieve consumer compliance and use.

Summit Preview

Addressing the Global Stress epidemic: Formulating with Purpose

"I am excited to share the current research on ingredients thataddress the global stress epidemic at this years event. Vitafoods Asia is a powerful event and being able to enlightencolleagues this year is a blessing!"

Download the Mental Wellbeing white paper where David Foreman, provides an exclusive preview of his session - Chronic Stress - it is not just a mental health disorder.


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