Digestive health: The science behind your gut

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Dr Lin Jing, Researcher - Food Science and Technology Programme, National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Dr. Lin Jing is a research fellow in A/P LIU Shaoquan’s research group in the Food Science and Technology programme, National University of Singapore (NUS). Her doctoral research focused on the development of functional bakery products fortified with phenolic compounds and the evaluation of their nutritional and sensory properties. She is currently involved in the development and commercialization of the okara-based functional drink and ingredient.

Summit Preview

Exploring the opportunities of bioprocessed okara for value-added healthy food products

“We believe in bio-processing food by-products to deliver highvaluevegan functional food and promote circular economy inthe F&B industry.”

Dr Lin Jing, provides a preview to her session - Exploring the opportunities of bio-processed okara for value-added healthy food products.