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All there's to know about Vitafoods Asia Digital Week, one blog at a time...

Continue the conversation after a digital event

We hope that you have had a productive and enjoyable time at Vitafoods Asia Digital Week. 

Now that the event is over, it is key to nurture the new connections you have made at the event. In this blog we offer tips to ensure you retrieve important information before the event platform closes on 11 February 2021, as well as actionable recommendations to follow up with the professionals you have met.

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How to prepare for a successful online meeting

Once you’ve secured your meetings, preparation would be the next step to ensure they go as smoothly as possible. 

In this blog we will go through some areas of consideration, such as conducting technical checks and  research, agenda planning and other tips to set you up for success! 

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Looking after yourself at Vitafoods Asia Digital Week

To make the most of Vitafoods Asia Digital week, you’re going to want to be on top form. In this guide, we’ve highlighted some top tips on how you can stay alert and refreshed throughout the event.

We explore why starting your day right, staying hydrated, moving and connecting with others can be beneficial for your physical and mental health and wellbeing. 

Stretched for time? Dowload the infographic for our top wellbeing tips.

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How to send a meeting request

Want to send meeting invites that will not be missed? Sending effective meeting invitations can go a long way in fostering new business relationships.

We have created a guide to help the nutraceuticals industry make the right connection, starting with sending effective meeting invitations.

We will go through some of the important considerations when contacting prospective partners...

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How to organise your schedule

Make the most of your experience at Vitafoods Asia Digital Week by managing your schedule so it works for you and your business.

Would you like to receive meeting requests at a time and date that is most convenient to you?

In this blog post we will show you how you can easily manage your schedule, block out times, accept requests...

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How to make your profile stand out

Your online profile is your digital business card, plus
more. The more complete your profile looks, the better our data-driven algorithm will be at delivering optimal results.

In this blog post we share tips on how to enhance your presence, make your profile stand out and meet your objectives whether you are visiting or exhibiting. 

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How and why you should be more social

One of the main reasons we attend industry events is to network. So why, when there are arguably more networking opportunities, should a virtual event be any different?

To get the most out of Vitafoods Asia Digital Week, we’ve outlined some key things that you can do, to increase your presence and make new business connections.

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How to make the most of your Vitafoods Asia Digital Week experience

Read the first of a series of mini-blogs where we’ll walk you through how to make the most of your Vitafoods experience, starting with how it all works, and what to expect from the three-day event. 

Vitafoods Asia Digital Week is a brand new, APAC centric virtual event. With a focus on connectivity, the event will bring together the nutraceutical community once more, using intelligent, data-driven matchmaking, along with expertly curated content.

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