Exhibitor Experience at Vitafoods Asia Digital Week

Explore the Vitafoods Asia Digital Week platform in this short video demonstration. Take a tour of the virtual environment to learn how exhibitors used it to grow their businesses at Vitafoods Asia Digital Week. This demo covers:

  • Platform navigation
  • Exhibitor list and profiles
  • Making new connections
  • Schedule management
  • Key event features such as Micro-communities, Main Stage and New Ingredients & Products Zone

Frequently asked questions

The algorithm will recommend people to you based on their interests but as an exhibitor you are also able to filter the full participants list (including attendees and exhibitors). Our dedicated Concierge team is available to assist exhibitors in matchmaking, best practices and finding your Wishlist should you need any support. Attendees will only be able to find exhibitors and no other attendees.

Yes, and we strongly encourage you to be proactive in meeting requests. Don’t wait for visitors to invite you, do your research, personalise your messages and send requests to the relevant contacts. And remember, the more you interact with the platform, the better the results will be.

No, visitors will only be able to see exhibitor personnel and not other visitors.

You can find more information and the booking forms here. Additionally, you can contact us on [email protected] and a member of the team can arrange a call with you. 

If you have the Presence & Connect package, you can have 2 people registered, and if you take the Plus you will be able to have 6. In addition to this, you will also have an extra pass for the Event Manager of your company profile.

No, the company profile will only need to be updated once by the Event Manager, and the rest of your staff will be listed under the company. Your staff will only have to update their personal profile which includes their contact details, photo and interests.

They can have meetings separately or they can invite each other. It’s entirely up to them as each person will have their own secure video conference line.  

If you have the Presence & Connect package, you can have 2 products, and if you take the Plus you will be able to have 10.  

Yes, our dedicated Concierge team will be in touch with each exhibitor to assist in matchmaking, best practices and finding your Wishlist.

There is no actual deadline as they will be able to amend their profiles before and during the event. But we do recommend having them updated by Tuesday 12th January.

The platform will open all day to browse, send meeting invites, consume content but meetings can only take place 07:00-19:00 SGT.  

Yes, you will be receiving email notifications. If you could list to also receive SMS reminders for upcoming meetings, don't forget to add your mobile number in 'My Profile'.

Yes you are able to reject meetings or re-assign them to a colleague.

If your company profile and categories match their interests, your company will be in the recommended companies’ section and your representatives will be in the relevant attendees “Recommended business leads” section as well. Learn how to make your profile stand out.