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Vitafoods Asia

The nutraceutical event for Asia​
5-6 September 2017, Sands Expo & Convention Centre at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore



Vitafoods Asia Conference Programme


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Conference programme correct at time of press and subject to change. Conference programme in English language only.


Thursday 1 September 2016

Weight Management
Weight Management
  1. Chairperson
  2. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • Find out results from the most recent observational study of dietary habit and lifestyle in Singaporean children
    • Learn about key aspects such as frequency of obesity was, estimated physical activity levels, and fruit and vegetable intake
    • Understand how to apply the data to your next product development strategy for children
  3. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • Individual response profiles in obesity intervention for weight loss and metabolic improvement
    • “Omics” based identification of biomarkers for responder/non-responder metabolic groups stratification
    • Biomarker profile guided macronutrient composition/supplementation strategies
  4. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • Role of protein, fibre and probiotics in weight management
    • Latest research data in the effect of probiotics on body weight management
    • Review of selected health food ingredients and the research data to support their benefits
Heart Health
Heart Health Stream 1
  1. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • Key insights on how manufacturers are positioning their offerings as end-to-end solution
    • How manufacturers are cutting through the noise to effectively convey brand message to their target audience
    • Change in perception about functional nutrition—from supplementation to integral components of a healthy lifestyle
  2. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • Prevalence of CVD in Asian countries
    • Demand for lipid lowering drugs in Asian markets
    • Importance of functional foods/nutraceuticals for managing healthy cardiovascular system - A pre-clinical to clinical trial
  3. Key outcomes and takeaways:​​​​​​

    • Understand how dietary polypenols target the cardiovascular system
    • Learn about factors affecting the bioavailability of dietary polyphenols
    • Strategies to improve polyphenol bioavailability and cardiovascular benefits
  4. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • Analysing heart health, globally
    • A multidirectional preventive approach to heart health
    • Learn about the multiple benefits of carotenoids and sterols
Healthy Ageing
Healthy Ageing Stream 2
  1. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • The ageing global population holds strong untapped potential, particularly in Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea, where societal views on aging differ to those of western markets
    • The number of new Asian products positioned on an “anti-ageing” or “skin health” platform increased by 2% on average per year (2011-2015)
    • Antioxidant claims were tracked on 20% of 2015 Asian skin health & anti-ageing food and beverage launches, vitamin/mineral fortified claims featured on 23% of 2014 launches.
    • In 2015, collagen was used in 12% of skin health supplements launches tracked in Asia
  2. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • New world of health solutions with fermentation
      • Importance of gut health
      • Relationship between microflora and mitochondria
      • Regeneration of maternal strains
    • What is the difference between fermented food and probiotics?
    • Fermented marine ingredient for targeted solution
      • Fermented spirulina nutrigenomics
    • How to create efficacy so that customers can feel the impact
      • Modulation of microbiota
  3. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • Methodologies for assessing mood and cognitive function in nutritional/supplement trials
    • Understanding underlying mechanisms
    • Translation of findings into end-user benefits 
  4. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • Review of key trends and product development in dietary supplements for healthy ageing
    • Product development strategies: A look at the many health claims within the category
    • An overview of successful case studies for strategic global market access
Bringing your Product to the Asian Market
  1. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • Major health concerns in Asian countries
    • Current innovation landscape related to nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and functional food
    • Current gaps and future innovation opportunities for the Asian region
  2. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • Today’s marketplace demands sound scientific validation
    • Successful brands effectively communicate technical and scientific information to consumers 
    • Attend this session and learn new practical techniques to better convey your science story
  3. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • Overview of Asia’s current health and wellness landscape
    • A deeper understanding of fortified foods in Asia
    • Health and wellness outlook from 2016 to 2020

Friday 2 September 2016

Maternal and Infant Health
  1. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • Emerging health trends across the maternal and infant nutrition space
    • Understanding the Asian mother and child
    • Product sectors to watch
    • Where do we go from here?
  2. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • Micronutrient supplement during pregnancy
    • Micronutrient supplement during childhood
    • Market trends and potentials of maternal and infant segment
  3. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • Insights into the nutritional status and dietary patterns of expectant mothers and infants in a multi-ethnic Asian cohort
    • Understand the influence of maternal nutrition on Asian phenotypic health and diseases
    • Nutritional strategies for the way forward
Digestive Health
Digestive Health
  1. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • Asian markets were the birthplace of functional foods, with probiotics particularly well established in markets such as Japan
    • But new Asian products marketed on a digestive/gut health platform continue to grow, with a +14% average annual increase reported (2011-2015). In 2015, the main categories for such claims were baby food (44% of launches) and dairy (27%)
    • Probiotic claims have increased at a rate of +17% per year (2011-2015). Prebiotic claims have also shown strong growth over this period: +16%
    • Galactooligosaccharides (GOS) have experienced particularly strong recent growth in Asian markets (+96% 2015 vs 2013). This is due to the rapidly increasing demand for baby formula
  2. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • Methodologies for assessing wound healing, anti-inflammation, peristalsis promotion and gut microbacteria in nutritional/supplement trials
    • Understanding underlying mechanisms
    • Translation of findings into end-user benefits 
  3. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • How to name your food supplement products: probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics, health food, or functional food?
    • Understanding the trends in usage and promotion of probiotics and prebiotics supplements
    • Food for thought: how can we educate the consumers on the health benefits of probiotics and prebiotics?
    • Differentiation or joining the crowd? Should we add probiotics and prebiotics to the existing list of health food supplement products?
  4. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • Marine science as a source of inspiration
    • Fermented spirulina as a proven gut health solution
    • Deep sea water for gut microbiota solution
Understand and Target the Asian Consumer
Asian Market
  1. Key outcomes and takeaways:

    • Presentation on the Asian consumer and state of play across various APAC nutraceutical markets
    • Workshop on cluster strategy to understand approach to various markets
    • Identifying what makes consumers tick and how to capitalise on this while maintaining efficient distribution strategies.

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