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Vitafoods Asia

The nutraceutical event for Asia​
5-6 September 2017, Sands Expo & Convention Centre at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore



Exhibitor Press Releases

  • 美蔻华:纳米多酚类肌肤全效解决方案

    22-Aug-2016 by: AXIALYS Innovations


    美蔻华是一款天然的生物化合物,选材“Mollar del Eche”石榴,因为它含有独特的多酚种类。美蔻华使用了ADS纳米包裹技术去稳定抗氧化成分,并保证其有很好的传递,其生物活性能靶定线粒体,这是目前提前技术无法做到的。


    • 明显改善肌肤保湿度(+40%) 和提高皮肤平滑度(+27%)
    • 明显减少皱纹 (-26%) 和减少黑斑 (到达 -80%).


  • 内在美容产品并不是注重于皮肤表面,而是从根本上解决皮和改善肤深层的问题,比起变年轻和变美有更切实的目的。(株)纽途丽自开创以来专注于功能性食品原料的研发,同时洞悉了内在美容的必要性和展望性。从2014年10月起,在1年6个月的短时间内一跃成为韩国内在美容的代名词。以“可食用的胶原蛋白”产品一经在电视购物播出,就创造了每5.4秒售出一瓶的惊人记录。如今,它的影响力甚至扩散到了美国和中国,并且正积极开拓海外市场。

  • 中卫国健参展寄语2

    04-Aug-2016 by: Xiaoxue Zhang


  • 中卫国健参展寄语

    02-Aug-2016 by: Xiaoxue Zhang


  • Natural Wellness is an award winning organization complying with a vast range of quality standards, certifications and accreditations. We are a leading, if not the only, value based and principled syariah compliant healthcare player focusing on developing and commercializing a comprehensive range of diversified, innovative, up-to-date, high quality, affordable natural products to make people healthy naturally.

    Natural Wellness is proud of her sustainable partnerships with leading brands across the globe. This is a result of our „first to market‟ track record of innovative formulations that are time tested, backed by science conforming to the most stringent quality regiments. Our emphasis on the importance of research and development, smart alliances with institutions of higher learning and international corporations have contributed to our efforts in driving innovation through every step of the business process to exceed customer expectations always.

  • Brief introduction/synopsis (200 words max)

    VIQUA is an award-winning and breakthrough pomegranate nano-extract for anti-ageing and skin whitening. The dramatic transformative power of VIQUA has been proven in-vivo by multiple studies.


  • VIQUA® is a natural bio-compound formulated from “Mollar del Eche” pomegranates selected for their unique composition of polyphenols.

    For a long lasting stability and the best assimilation, the encapsulation technology ADS is used so the bio-actives can reach sites such as mitochondria, currently unreachable with other technologies.

     A 4 weeks study of VIQUA® supplementation shows:

    • a significant improvement of hydration (+40%) and skin smoothness (+27%)
    • a significant reduction of wrinkles (-26%) and melasma (up to -80%).
  • Tongkat Ali Supplement in Hong Kong Market

    26-Aug-2016 by: Azreena Abas

    The Performance ingredients Team from Biotropics Malaysia Berhad will return to Vitafoods Asia Hong Kong 2016 (booth 222) and will be featuring our main ingredient, Physta® in two products, Nu-Prep and Nu-Vital.

    “Patented, standardized, water extract of Eurycoma longifolia root (Common Name: Tongkat Ali). Herb for energy and vitality, general wellbeing: supports healthy testosterone levels, combat stress, immunity & sexual health”

  • To become best brand in the health functional food market

    01-Feb-2016 by: 이민성 (Issue maker)

    성장의 비결 ‘인재경영’, 사람의 가치가 지금의 회사를 이끌어

    2013년 한국건강기능식품협회가 발표한 ‘건강기능식품 시장 현황 및 소비자 실태 조사’에 따르면 세계 건강식품 시장은 최근 5년간 매년 7% 이상 성장하며 빠른 성장세를 이어가고 있다. 특히 신흥국들의 소득증가와 전 세계적인 고령화 ...

  • Trace Minerals Research (TMR), America’s number one trace mineral and liquid magnesium brand according to SPINS® data, will introduce three new Non-GMO Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak flavors, including Tangerine, Pomegranate Blueberry, and Pineapple Coconut, as well as a reformulated Stress-X Magnesium Powder that includes a new Raspberry Lemon flavor.

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